2D Shapes No Prep Notebook

This 2D Shapes Notebook will make teaching 2D shapes so much easier! Your students will love it!

There are 13 shapes included in this notebook: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, star, oval, rhombus, heart, crescent, pentagon, trapezoid, hexagon, and octagon.

Each Shape Includes  

• Two anchor charts – one simple and one with (clip art) examples
• A tracing page (simple page to introduce the shape and spelling)
• A page to trace shapes, draw the shape, trace the word, write the word, read sentences, trace sentences
• A page to trace the word, fill in block word, build the word, color the shapes and count how many shapes were colored
• Shape maze
• Sorting
• Crowns – tracing/coloring, q-tip painting, sorting

Additional Pages Included

• Notebook Cover
• Flashcards (use with Build a Picture & Write the Room activities)
• Hunting for Shapes (scavenger hunt – 5 pages)
• Spin and Color a Shape (3 pages)
• Roll and Draw a Shape (2 pages)
• Sort the Shapes (3 pages)
• Count the Sides of the Shapes (1 page)
• Graph the Shapes (2 pages)
• Count the Shape Syllables (1 page)
• Spin and Write (2 pages)
• Build a Picture with Shapes (1 page)
• Write the Room (4 pages)
• Color by Shape (4 pages)

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