52 Weeks of Bible Learning & Memorization

I don’t think we should ever underestimate how well young children memorize. Memorization was something that was the norm in schools for decades, if not, centuries, but it’s dying, if not dead, in the public schools today. Memorization sharpens the mind and brings many important lessons into our children’s thoughts when they need them in this difficult world we live in. These sets are a great introduction to learning to memorize scripture. Starting young is a great practice.

52 Weeks of Bible Learning! A new verse... every week of the year!

About This Bundle

This collection uses the King James Version of the Bible. There is a scripture verse for each letter of the alphabet in both the Old and New Testaments. There are activity pages that will help your child with memorization, writing skills, and best of all, learning the Word of God.

These titles will also be available individually and in bundles for the Old and New Testament separately.

Old and New Testaments Bible Learning Activities – Only $9.99


Titles In This Bundle

  • Old Testament ABC’s Notebooking Pages
  • Old Testament ABC’s Trace & Paste Notebook
  • Old Testament ABC’s Wall Posters & Memory Cards
  • New Testament ABC’s Notebooking Pages
  • New Testament ABC’s Trace & Paste Notebook
  • New Testament ABC’s Wall Posters & Memory Cards

Old & New Testament ABC’s Notebooking Pages

  • Cover Page
  • 2 Primary-lined pages for each scripture
  • 2 Basic-lined pages for each scripture verse
  • 4 Additional notebooking pages – 2 primary-lined & 2 basic-lined

Old Testament ABC's Notebooking Pages  New Testament ABC's Notebooking PagesBible ABC's Notebooking Pages Sample

Old & New Testament ABC’s Trace & Paste Notebook

  • Cover Page
  • 52 Tracing Page With Scripture Verse For Each Letter of the Alphabet (26 in each set)
  • Trace, Cut, and Paste Letters to Add to Tracing Pages

Old Testament ABC's Trace & Paste Notebook  New Testament ABC's Trace & Paste NotebookBible ABC's Trace & Paste Samples

Old & New Testament ABC’s Wall Posters & Memory Cards

  • 52 Colored Wall Charts
  • 52 Colored Memory Cards with Cover
  • 52 Black & White Wall Charts
  • 52 Black &White Memory Cards with Cover

Old Testament Wall Posters & Memory Cards  New Testament ABC's Wall Posters & Memory CardsBible ABC's Color Poster Samples

Bible ABC's B&W Poster Samples

Bible ABC's Colored Memory Cards Samples

Bible ABC's B&W Memory Cards Samples

Old and New Testaments Bible Learning Activities – Only $9.99



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