A-Z Beginning Sounds Growing Bundle

This bundle includes eight differentiated activities in each set that will assist your students with learning beginning sounds.

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Each Set Will Include

  • Notebook Cover
  • Write the Room (2 styles – 4 pages)
  • 24 Picture Cards in Color and Black & White (6 pages)
  • Color the A Pictures (1 page)
  • Sort the Pictures (1 page)
  • Glue in Alphabetical Order (1 page)
  • Spin and Write Word Blocks (1 page)
  • Count the Syllables (1 page)
  • Cover Pages for Emergent Readers (4 choices – 1 page)
  • Emergent Readers (3 pages)
  • Use in Sentence (2 styles – 6 pages)

Resources Currently Available in the Bundle

You can see full previews of each set on its product page.

Beginning Sounds – Letter A: acorn, alligator, anchor, angel, angry, ant, ape, apple, arrow, astronaut, ate, ax
Beginning Sounds – Letter B: back, bat, bear, bee, beetle, bells, bike, bird, bow, bubbles, bush, butterfly
Beginning Sounds – Letter C: cactus, cake, camel, candle, camera, castle, cat, clock, clown, cow, crab, crayon
Beginning Sounds – Letter D: dad, dance, day, deer, dig, dinosaur, dirty, dive, dog, donut, drink, duck
Beginning Sounds – Letter E: eagle, ear, earth, eat, eggs, elephant, elf, elk, emu, excited, exercise, eye
Beginning Sounds – Letter F: fairy, fall, family, farm, finger, fire, fish, flash, flower, fly, foot, frog
Beginning Sounds – Letter G: garbage, gate, gift, giraffe, girl, globe, gloves, grandpa, grasshopper, goat, goose, gorilla
Beginning Sounds – Letter H: hamburger, hand, happy, hat, help, hen, hike, honey, hook, horse, hot, house
Beginning Sounds – Letter I: ice, icicle, idea, igloo, ill, inch, infant, insect, inside, iron, island, itch
Beginning Sounds – Letter J: jacket, jam, jar, jeans, jeep, jelly, jellyfish, jet, judge, juggle, juice, jump
Beginning Sounds – Letter K: kangaroo, kayak, kettle, key, kid, kind, king, kitchen, kite, kitten, kiwi, koala
Beginning Sounds – Letter L: ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, land, leaf, lion, lighthouse, llama, log, lollipop, long
Beginning Sounds – Letter M: magnet, mail, man, march, marshmallows, map, mask, mitten, monkey, moon, moose, mouse
Beginning Sounds – Letter N: nails, nap, naughty, nest, net, next, newspaper, noisy, nose, nurse, nut, nutcracker
Beginning Sounds – Letter O: ocean, octopus, off, old, orange, ornament, ostrich, otter, out, oven, over, owl
Beginning Sounds – Letter P: pail, paint, pan, panda, path, picnic, pie, pig, pineapple, point, president, pumpkin
Beginning Sounds – Letter Q: quack, quail, quart, quarter, quarterback, queen, question, quiet, quill, quilt, quilting, quiver
Beginning Sounds – Letter R: rabbit, raccoon, rain, rainbow, rat, read, recycle, ring, river, rocket, rooster, run
Beginning Sounds – Letter S: seeds, sheep, sing, skeleton, snake, snowman, soccer, space, spider, squirrel, strawberry, sun
Beginning Sounds – Letter T: table, teeth, tent, ticket, tiger, tomato, tornado, tractor, tree, tub, turkey, turtle
Beginning Sounds – Letter U: umbrella, umpire, under, underwear, unhappy, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, unsure, up, urchin, utensils
Beginning Sounds – Letter V: vacuum, van, vase, vegetables, vest, vet, violin, vine, volcano, volleyball, vote, vulture
Beginning Sounds – Letter W: wagon, walk, wand, watch, water, waterfall, whale, windy, winter, wolf, woodpecker, worm
Beginning Sounds – Letter X: box, fix, fox, mailbox, mix, ox, relax, xenops, x-ray, x-ray fish, xylophone, wax
Beginning Sounds – Letter Y: yak, yard, yarn, yawn, yell, yelp, yoga, yogurt, yolk, young, yoyo, yummy
Beginning Sounds – Letter Z: buzz, jazz, quiz, whiz, zap, zebra, zeppelin, zero, zigzag, zipper, zoo, zucchini
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