Bible Study for Pre-teens – Nehemiah

Kathy Hutto's Bible Study for Pre-teens - Nehemiah

Have you seen Kathy Hutto’s bible studies for pre-teens? If not, you should take a look! She has several she’s released and they are wonderful! Her most recent, Nehemiah, is no exception.

You can purchase this title at Currclick. Go visit Kathy’s blog to learn about her bible studies!

Product Description

Bible Studies for Preteens are great first in-depth Bible Studies for this age-group. They take the readers through a portion of the Bible, leaving them with a feeling of success and training them in how to study their own Bibles. The reading passages are divided into manageable and content appropriate chunks. Each Bible study includes Word Checks with definitions, where appropriate, to aid in understanding.  Each study also includes relevant and thoughtful questions throughout. In addition, short answer verses long writing assignments make this study fun and not overwhelming.

This particular Bible Study is on Nehemiah. Among other things, your son or daughter will discover he cared about others, prayer first before acting, obeyed God, was a good leader, and was determined and didn’t quit.

Your son or daughter will use his/her own Bible to read the passages.

It takes just 15 days to complete this Bible Study.

This study includes a Prayer Journal at the end.  For every day of the study, there is a corresponding prayer journal page with related activities.

Also included: 3 cover options for girls or boys!

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