CVC Words Mega Bundle

CVC Words Mega Bundle includes six resources and over 400 pages! There’s also a freebie you can get that will go along great with this bundle!

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There are 96 CVC words included in each resource.

CVC Words Included

24 Short A Words
cab, lab, bad, mad, sad, bag, rag, wag, ham, jam, ram, can, fan, man, pan, van, cap, map, tap, bat, cat, hat, mat, rat
18 Short E Words
web, bed, fed, red, wed, beg, leg, peg, den, hen, men, pen, ten, jet, net, pet, vet, wet
18 Short I Words
bib, kid, lid, dig, fig, pig, wig, bin, fin, pin, win, dip, lip, rip, zip, kit, pit, sit
18 Short O Words
cob, sob, pod, rod, dog, hog, jog, log, cop, hop, mop, pop, top, cot, hot, pot, box, fox
18 Short U Words
cub, sub, tub, bud, mud, hug, jug, mug, rug, gum, hum, bun, nun, sun, cup, pup, cut, hut

Titles Included in the Mega Bundle

CVC Activity Pages
CVC No Prep Notebook
CVC Clip & Write Center with Assessment Worksheets
CVC Q-tip – Color – Trace
CVC Spin – Read and Write
CVC Write the Room

CVC Clip and Write Center with Assessment Worksheets

CVC Activity Pages

Lifetime Members can download these resources in the Early Education section.

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