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The Exploring Our Five Senses Interactive Notebook was created to be either a lapbook or interactive notebook. Most of the mini-books are larger and would work best on paper and placed in a binder or glued in to a spiral notebook.

There are 15 activities included in this unit. Several of the activities include separate mini-books for each of the five senses. So while there are 15 activities, there’s a total of 28 mini-book activities in all.

There are a couple different ways you can use this unit. You can teach the children all the five senses at the same time, or you can work on one sense at a time. I prefer teaching one sense at a time. However, I set up this packet so all the mini-book in each activity are similar. Meaning, you’ll go through many of the activities five separate times for each of the five senses.

Here’s what’s included Exploring Our Five Senses Interactive Notebook:

  • Mini-book Assembly Instructions
  • Notebook Covers
  • Activity 1: How Many Senses Do I Have? (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 2: What Are My Five Senses? (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 3: My Sense of Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touch (5 mini-books)
  • Activity 4: How I Use My Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Ears, Skin (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 5: How Do My Five Senses Help Me? (1 mini-book -2 insert options)
  • Activity 6: Which Two Senses Work Together (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 7: Label the Five Senses (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 8: What Can I See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch (5 mini-books)
  • Activity 9: I Can Use My Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue, Skin To… (5 mini-books – coloring and tracing activities)
  • Activity 10: How Many Senses Am I Using When I…? (6 mini-books)
  • Activity 11: I Can See Colors (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 12: Smells Good – Smells Bad (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 13: What Can I Taste? (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 14: What Can I Smell? (1 mini-book)
  • Activity 15: I Can Feel Textures (1 mini-book)

My 5 Senses Samples


Activity 1 

Watch this video with your children so they will learn about how many senses they have and what they are. After watching they will be able to complete activity 1’s mini-book.

Activity 2

The video above will help your children with activity.

Learn a little more:

Activity 3

We can use many words to describe our five senses. I’ve created the charts below as a free download to go along with this set. These will help your children understand that we can use many words to describe how we use our five senses.  There is also a mini-book activity that has sentences using different words for each sight and place to write their own sentence.



Activity 4

What do each of the five senses do?

  • Watch this video of a reading of the book My Five Senses by Aliki. This book explains what the five senses do and what parts of our body we use for our senses. It also describe how we can use different senses at the same time.

Activity 5

How do our senses help us?

The video below explains even more about our five senses and compares our senses to those of animals.

Activity 6

Watch this video to learn how our senses of smell and taste work together.

Activity 7

In this activity your children will label their five senses.

Activity 8

This is a writing prompt activity and also has a place for your children to illustrate something they can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. This activity allows the children to take time to think about each of their five senses and how they use them.

Activity 9

In this activity the children will match words and pictures about their five senses and how they use them.

Activity 10

The children will look at different scenes and decide which senses they would be using during various activities.

Activity 11

The children will cut and paste the correct colored picture under a flap of the same color.

Activity 12

Deciding whether what the picture shows would be a good or bad smell

Activity 13

Color or use a dot marker to choose pictures of things the children can taste.

Activity 14

Color or use a dot marker to choose pictures of things the children can hear.

Activity 15

Your children will look at picture and determine which texture the they think it fits best with: soft, hard, smooth, rough, or bumpy.

Exploring Our Five Senses Interactive Notebook by The Notebooking Nook

Book List

Not all these books are necessary, however they are excellent books to learn about and explore the five senses.

Experiment Ideas






Activities and Exploration

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