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Science Experiment Notebooking Pages - Only For Likers Facebook Freebie - Limited Time!

Confession: I love to give away freebies! So here’s a fun freebie for you — there is a small condition but it’s an easy one! Just like Notebooking Nook’s Facebook Page and you’ll be able to download Science Experiment Notebooking Pages FREE!

Here’s what’s included in this set:

Science Experiment Notebooking Pages Sample 1

Science Experiment Notebooking Pages Sample 2

Science Experiment Notebooking Pages Sample 3

Science Experiment Notebooking Pages Sample 4

[su_quote cite=”Ruthie S.” url=”http://www.currclick.com/product_reviews_info.php?&reviews_id=22153&products_id=86578″]This is the best set of science experiment notebooking pages that I’ve seen for the elementary ages. I seen lots of science notebooking sets and this covers so many areas that other sets neglect. The main focus of the first 12 pages is to help the kids notebook according to the scientific method. This can be hard for an elementary student but there is a few pages that put it into a child’s language. Instead of saying “Hypothesis” it says “What I think will happen”. This way you are still trying to introduce them to the scientific method but not trying to bog them down with the lengthy vocabulary words. Almost all variations of the pages have “doodle boxes”(my word for blank boxes that they can draw in or paste a picture) for the doodle child. All pages have regular lines and are big enough to accommodate most elementary students (except beginning writers). The last pages are blank templates with no specific theme. There is even a title box that they can write the title of the notebooking page (ex: My Celery Changes Colors). The last 3 pages are doodle boxes only but with varying number and size. Which is perfect for the doodle child that hates to write but can tell what happened in pictures. I think this notebooking set is well suited for grades 1-5. However, your 5th grader may not appreciate the cutesy images and think that they’re too juvenile but other than that, I see no problem with using them up to 6th grade if your child doesn’t mind. All in all, a terrific set of pages and at a great price. Thank you, Notebooking Nook, for offering such a fantastic product for homeschooling families.[/su_quote]

Here’s how to get the freebie:

To get your freebie, just like Notebooking Nook’s Facebook Page and click on the Only Likers icon. See the illustration below to see where to find it.

How to get your For Likers Only freebie

I’d ask that you respect my Terms of Use and not share this file with others or in any groups but rather send others to this post or my facebook page where they can download it for themselves.  Thank you for your honesty.

I hope you enjoy this limited time freebie.


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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to Betsy for helping me download this product without facebook, as I do not have a facebook account. She was great at responding and getting the info to me. Just signed up for her email updates!

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