Fall Kindergarten Math – 1-10 Number Sense

Fall Kindergarten Math 1-10 Number Sense

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This set offers many math activities for kindergarten aged children. This would also work great for advanced preschoolers and struggling 1st and 2nd graders.


  • 2 Notebook Covers
  • 10 Number Charts with Number, Number Word, Number Tracing, and Images
  • Color and Count Numbers 1-10 (2 pages)
  • How Many Acorns, Leaves and Pumpkins?
  • What’s the Number on the Pumpkin? (Fill in a ten bar)
  • Read the Number Word and Color the Number
  • Autumn Number Words
  • How Many Pumpkins?
  • Roll and Trace a Number
  • What Number Comes Next?
  • Trace the Circles – Find and Trace the Circles
  • Trace the Squares – Find and Trace the Squares
  • Trace the Triangles – Find and Trace the Triangles
  • Trace the Ovals – Find and Trace the Ovals
  • Trace the Rectangles – Find and Trace the Rectangles
  • Trace the Diamonds – Find and Trace the Diamonds
  • Roll and Trace the Shapes
  • Color the Leaves by Their Shape
  • Color by Number
  • Adding Pumpkins Up to 10
  • Adding Acorns Up to 10
  • Fill in the Fall Bar Graph


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