Scarecrow Activity Pack

Scarecrow Activity Packet for Little Learners


I’ve been creating lots of early learning sets and different type of learning style pages for younger kids. There are a couple reasons for this… first, I work with a couple girls who have young kids and just talking to them about their kids has inspired me to want to make some things for this age group. And second and the most exciting reason is… I’m going to be a grandma!! I couldn’t be more excited about this. Our little baby is due the beginning of April and we are anxiously looking forward to his or her arrival! We will be finding out the gender in about 4 weeks. So excited to love and hold our new baby! I’ve got a super set fun set for your littles! There are lots of fun scarecrow activities to keep busy during school time! Here’s what’s included:

Literacy Skills-

  • alphabet tracing cards – upper and lower case (suggestion below)
  • picture vocabulary with letter and word tracing
  • finding the first letter of the picture
  • matching the correct word with picture
  • writing a sentence about scarecrows (suggestion below)

Math Skills-

  • number tracing cards
  • How many scarecrows?
  • counting scarecrows
  • puzzles — 5, 10, 10-20
  • number maze up to 20
  • counting pumpkins coloring page
  • adding and subtracting pages
  • graphing with die


  • color by number
  • color leaves the correct color


  • What one is different?
  • What is missing?
  • size sorting
  • kind sorting

Motor Skills-

  • dot marker pages

I would suggest with the tracing pages, to copy them on card stock and, if possible, laminate them and have your child use a dry erase marker or crayon for the tracing. This way you can wipe them clean and reuse them over and over again. If you’re in the market for a nice, reasonably priced laminator, I use the Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901) and it has worked great for me.

For the sentence writing pages or notebooking pages, as I like to call them :), if your child isn’t ready for writing, have them dictate to you a sentence and write it for them. These activities should be fun for your child and if they are forced to write, they may become disinterested. Another option might be to write their sentence with a highlighter and have them trace over it, if you think your child is ready for that. Have fun with these pages!

Book Suggestions

Scarecrow Pete

The Scarecrow’s Hat

The Little Scarecrow Boy


Fall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)

Pinterest Inspired Crafts


Photo Credit: Little Family Fun


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Paper bag scarecrow


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Scarecrow Recipes

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Scarecrow Cookies

Photo Credit: Land O Lakes

Photo Credit: Land O Lakes

Scarecrow Cupcakes

Photo Credit: The Prairie Cottage

Photo Credit: The Prairie Cottage

Scarecrow Crunch