FREE Ancient History Notebooking Pages & Activities

Freebie: Ancient History Notebooking Pages and Activities

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These are Ancient and Bible notebooking pages and activities I created for my kids and have been using for years. We completed our last year of Ancients last year and I most likely won’t be adding to this list unless I get a request.
We’ve used these pages with The Mystery of History Volume I: Creation to the Resurrection, A World of Adventure, and Heritage History but they will work with any curriculum.
I have some copywork pages that I’ll be adding in a different post that we used along with these pages as well.
I hope many of these pages will work well for your family!
You can download all the files below in one zip file here or pick and choose which files you’d like to download below.  
Click here if you need help opening a ZIP file.
Ancient History Notebooking and Activity Pages

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  2. Is the zip file still avalible? I have tried it for a week or so but it keeps telling me I am blowing up the Internet and the file doesn’t exist. This is our first year homeschooling and your site has come up on every blog and Facebook page. Hoping to utilize these if they are.

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      Sorry I’m just getting back to you, we’ve been on vacation. I’m not sure why the zip won’t work anymore. I tried fixing it and I can’t make it work… I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. I will be using MOH in the Fall. Thanks for the notebooking pages. I noticed they stop at Haggai, are there more somewhere? My MOH book covers more than that. Just checking. Thanks, these are great!

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      Hi Melody,
      I created these pages many years ago and these are the only ones I have available at this time. I may return to these in the future and create more, but I have no plans to do so at this time. I hope they will work well for you :)

  4. Hey! I emailed you last week, but I may have missed your response, since it got super busy here. If I join for the paid membership, is there some where to download this whole set as one pdf? I tried searching your store, but I can’t get it to load.

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      Hi, Ashlee!

      Sorry I’m just getting back to you! I just added a ZIP file to the post with all the files included. I’m unable to create one pdf at this time, but I hope the ZIP file will work for you. Take care! Betsy

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    1. How can I download these? I saw no button to download the set, and when I clicked on individual ones it took me to some weird site. I’d love to get these but can’t figure out how!

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  8. These are FANTASTIC! I love the colors and the questions you have created! Such a treasure of a resource!! Wonder if you will be making these for the other MoH books?

  9. Do you have black and white versions of these? It’s so disappointing when everything has color pictures out at the top of every page. I can’t afford to print color. I would love more simplified pages without the pictures…or at least black and white.

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      These are the only free pages I have available for ancient history. There are several pages in only black and white in this collection. I used these with my kids many years ago and I don’t plan to add different images at this time. Most printers will allow you to choose a black and white setting. There are also many other notebooking sites where you might find only black and white images. I hope you can find something that works for you.

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  11. Thank you so much for sharing! You have quite a collection of awesome historical notebooking pages…I will be back:) Feel free to hop on over to my blog, maybe you will find something there you can use in your homeschooling too:)
    May you and your family be blessed today!

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