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Notebooking Nook's Freebies Section

American History

State Study Notebooking Pages Freebie: Tall Tales Notebooking Pages Freebie: The 28 Principles of Liberty Copywork

Freebie: 9/11 ~ Never Forget Notebooking Pages  Freebie: American Revolutionary War Unit Study and Lapbook  Freebie: John Trumbull Notebooking Pages

Middle Ages & Renaissance

Freebie: Middle Ages and Renaissance Mini Books and Vocabulary  Freebie: Constantine Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Composer Match Books and Vocabulary Mini-book

Bible Notebooking Pages

Freebie: Old Testament Character Notebooking Pages  Freebie: New Testament Character Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Gratitude Copywork Notebook
Freebie: Joshua 1:6-9 Copywork & Memory Cards  Freebies: Misc. Bible Notebooking Pages & Copwork  Freebie: Scripture Pocket with Cards
Freebie: The Touch of the Master's Hand Copywork Notebook
Ancient History & Bible Notebooking Pages with Activity Pages

Freebies: Ancient History Notebooking Pages & Activity Pages

Freebie: Hammurabi Notebooking Pages   Freebie: Shang Dynasty Notebooking Pages

Science and Nature Studies

Freebie: Nature Study of Birds Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Down on the Farm Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Science Experience Notebooking Pages
Weather Chart  Freebie: Cloud Match Books  Freebie: Fish Notebooking Pages
Freebie: Gila Monster Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Trumpeter Swan Notebooking Pages  Freebies: Penguin Puzzle and Flash Cards
Freebie: Periodic Table Mini-books  Freebie: I Can Describe Using My 5 Senses Notebooking Pages
State Study Notebooking Pages  Freebies: Geography Terms Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Country Study Notebooking Pages
Freebie: Geography Terms Mini-books
Language Arts
Freebies: Language Arts Notebooking Pages  Freebies: More Language Arts Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Point of View Notebooking Page & Mini-books
Freebie: Simile & Metaphor Notebooking Page & Minibooks  Freebie: Reading Logs & Vocabulary Practice  Freebies: Vocabulary Practice Notebooking Pages
Freebie: Vocabulary Pocket with Cards
Reading Journal Prompts - Reading Logs and Cover Pages  Reading Journal - Character Prompts  Freebie: Reading Journal Prompts: Setting Prompts
Freebie: Island of the Blue Dolphin Lapbook & Notebooking Pages
How To Be a Good Cititzen  Freebie: Tall Tales Notebooking Pages

Homeschool Planners & Charts from Notebooking Nook  School & Chore Chart System Tutorial  Freebie: Monthly Calendars

Freebie: Seasonal Reading Book Logs

School Check-off Chart

Notebook Cover Pages
Freebie: Copywork Notebook Cover Pages
Freebie: Months of the Year Notebooking Pages   Freebie: My Months of the Year Flash Cards  Freebie: All About My Family Notebooking Pages
Free Field Trip Reflection Notebooking Pages


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  4. Mariah

    Hello there! I greatly appreciate all of your Mystory of History printables! I am having some trouble downloading some of them though…Gilgamesh, Abraham, Minoan, Jacob and Esau…please let me know how I can get these to work! Thanks!

    1. Post
      Notebooking Nook

      Hi, Mariah,

      I was able to download all the files you listed. I did have trouble on Safari and then switched to Chrome and didn’t have any problems. You might want to use a different browser. Let me know if this doesn’t work and I’ll see what I can do.

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