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American History

State Study Notebooking Pages Freebie: Tall Tales Notebooking Pages Freebie: The 28 Principles of Liberty Copywork

Freebie: 9/11 ~ Never Forget Notebooking Pages  Freebie: American Revolutionary War Unit Study and Lapbook  Freebie: John Trumbull Notebooking Pages

Middle Ages & Renaissance

Freebie: Middle Ages and Renaissance Mini Books and Vocabulary  Freebie: Constantine Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Composer Match Books and Vocabulary Mini-book

Bible Notebooking Pages

Freebie: Old Testament Character Notebooking Pages  Freebie: New Testament Character Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Gratitude Copywork Notebook
Freebie: Joshua 1:6-9 Copywork & Memory Cards  Freebies: Misc. Bible Notebooking Pages & Copwork  Freebie: Scripture Pocket with Cards
Freebie: The Touch of the Master's Hand Copywork Notebook
Ancient History & Bible Notebooking Pages with Activity Pages

Freebies: Ancient History Notebooking Pages & Activity Pages

Freebie: Hammurabi Notebooking Pages   Freebie: Shang Dynasty Notebooking Pages

Science and Nature Studies

Freebie: Nature Study of Birds Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Down on the Farm Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Science Experience Notebooking Pages
Weather Chart  Freebie: Cloud Match Books  Freebie: Fish Notebooking Pages
Freebie: Gila Monster Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Trumpeter Swan Notebooking Pages  Freebies: Penguin Puzzle and Flash Cards
Freebie: Periodic Table Mini-books  Freebie: I Can Describe Using My 5 Senses Notebooking Pages
State Study Notebooking Pages  Freebies: Geography Terms Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Country Study Notebooking Pages
Freebie: Geography Terms Mini-books
Language Arts
Freebies: Language Arts Notebooking Pages  Freebies: More Language Arts Notebooking Pages  Freebie: Point of View Notebooking Page & Mini-books
Freebie: Simile & Metaphor Notebooking Page & Minibooks  Freebie: Reading Logs & Vocabulary Practice  Freebies: Vocabulary Practice Notebooking Pages
Freebie: Vocabulary Pocket with Cards
Reading Journal Prompts - Reading Logs and Cover Pages  Reading Journal - Character Prompts  Freebie: Reading Journal Prompts: Setting Prompts
Freebie: Island of the Blue Dolphin Lapbook & Notebooking Pages
How To Be a Good Cititzen  Freebie: Tall Tales Notebooking Pages

Homeschool Planners & Charts from Notebooking Nook  School & Chore Chart System Tutorial  Freebie: Monthly Calendars

Freebie: Seasonal Reading Book Logs

School Check-off Chart

Notebook Cover Pages
Freebie: Copywork Notebook Cover Pages
Freebie: Months of the Year Notebooking Pages   Freebie: My Months of the Year Flash Cards  Freebie: All About My Family Notebooking Pages
Free Field Trip Reflection Notebooking Pages


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  1. Hello Betsy,
    Thanks for the great resources here and on CurrClick. Just tried to download the Composers (both files) and a page comes up saying that it is not available. Any chance of it becoming available again?
    Thank you once again!

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa,
      Sorry about the broken links. I’ve fixed them and you should be able to download them now. If you have any other issues, please let me know.
      Thanks so much for your kind words!

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  5. Hello there! I greatly appreciate all of your Mystory of History printables! I am having some trouble downloading some of them though…Gilgamesh, Abraham, Minoan, Jacob and Esau…please let me know how I can get these to work! Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi, Mariah,

      I was able to download all the files you listed. I did have trouble on Safari and then switched to Chrome and didn’t have any problems. You might want to use a different browser. Let me know if this doesn’t work and I’ll see what I can do.

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