Growing Pains

Why do our kids have to grow up?! I just returned from taking my two oldest daughters to Southern Utah University and being back home without them here, feels empty. This is my oldest daughter’s third year away from home, so I’m use to her being gone… sort of. But, it’s Cassie’s first year :( She’s going to do awesome at school and she was so excited to be there. I shed a few tears that I didn’t let her see but she knows how I feel.
The playing ground at our house was always even… three boys and three girls. Well, now it’s just my 14 year old daughter and I with all these boys and my husband, of course. But, they are all great, so it’s fine. Anyway, I miss my girls, a lot! I’m sure I’m going to drive Cassie crazy calling several times a day like I did Ali at first. But it will get easier for me, I know.
Growing up stinks! But, I’m also excited for my kids and grateful for who they are, the goals they have set for themselves and the examples they are to me and others.


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