How To Assemble a Lapbook

 How To Assemble A Lapbook

Lapbooking has been such a wonderful tool in our homeschool over the years. We don’t use them much anymore because I only have two older kids at home. But I know my kids will pass on the tradition of lapbooking in their families.

What is lapbooking?

Lapbooking is a hands-on learning tool that allows your child to create activities that go along with what they are learning. After completing the activities, they place them into a lapbook. This includes the standard mini-book elements but it can also include full size pages, such as coloring pages, graphs, diagrams, photos of projects, worksheets you find that work well with your study, and so forth. When completed, your child has a tangible learning tool for review, or to just enjoy and share with others (which for us moms is review without them knowing it!) :)

Assembling a lapbook

To illustrate how to assemble a lap book I created a short video. I know many of you that come across my blog already know how lapbooking works, so this is for the newbies. I’m happy to answer any other questions about lapbooking you might have, or send you in the right direction to find your answers.

What you need to get started

  1. file folder/s
  2. scissors (if you add flaps)
  3. glue (to create a double or larger lapbook)
  4. packing tape (for flaps)
  5. mini-books to put inside your lapbooks



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