Island of the Blue Dolphins Lapbook

Freebie: Island of the Blue Dolphin Lapbook & Notebooking Pages

Download Island of the Blue Dolphin Lapbook & Notebooking Pages

Island of the Blue DolphinsWe are currently reading Island of the Blue Dolphins while using a unit study from Learning Adventures, A New World of Adventure.
I hope you enjoy putting this lapbook together as much as we are. When completed it creates a triple lapbook. If you think of another mini-book that you’d like to see added please let me know by leaving a comment. I’ll post pictures of our completed lapbooks as soon as we are finished.

Links to help complete minibooks & notebooking pages:

Juana Maria
San Nicolas Island
Santa Catalina Island
Aleut Hunters
Sea Otter
A few tips about lapbooking that may help you newbies :)

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  1. Is the link for the printables still on this page? Try though I might I can’t figure it out. We did a lapbook and just created everything ourselves but could use a few more mini books and I was hoping to find something I could just print out.

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  2. Hi! I know this is an old post, but it works great with out unit on Dolphins and I am new to the lapbooking thing, (only done a few so far) but like the concept. I have 2 problems….one I printed it and most of the pages are way too small… for example activity 18 &19 printed on one page so each box is super small for a kid to write in. Is there a tip for how to know what size to print them or maybe is there a printer setting I should have in place?? Second problem is the link to your lessons is dead, it reads error. I’d really like to see how you utilized the lapbook lesson-wise.

    Thank you for assembling these lapbooks for us newbies!!!

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      I’m glad you’ve found lapbooking to be a benefit to your kids. We loved them when my kids were younger. The boxes were meant to be smaller so the child has just one or two things to write about the topic. However, I also added notebooking pages for children who will be writing more. You can add those to your lapbook by either folding them and glueing them to their folder or stapling the pages to the back of the folder. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the old lesson plans I used for this lapbook. I’ve been through a couple computers since then and things have been lost. But generally we would read a couple chapters from the book then use mini-books that went along with our reading. We usually only did 2-3 mini-books each day. I hope this helps you some.

  3. I realize this is an older post, but I was wondering if you can help me find the information you linked to. The two links in the paragraph, the first, I don’t know how to find the material and the other is a broken link. I tried the update link as well at the bottom but it also didn’t work.

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      The links in the first paragraph are just taking you to the book on Amazon and the World of Adventure Unit Studies site. The link at the bottom of the post I’ve removed. It was broken and I don’t know how to find that information. It was linked to another free lapbook. Sorry, I wish it was still up there for you!

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