My and My Husband’s Reaction to Our Daughter’s Type 1 Diagnosis

Over the past couple years, I’ve had many parents email about their experiences with having type 1 or having a child with type 1.  Some of you or your children have had it for years, while others are new and struggling to understand how to live and cope with it.  I just thought I’d share my and my husband’s first reactions to my daughter’s diagnosis.  As you’ll see in the video, my husband was a champ, while I had a little different reaction :)

My daughter started a YouTube channel about 2 years ago discussing her experiences with type 1.  She’s currently 21 years old and was diagnosed just before her 17 birthday.  She often gets requests for new videos, so if you head over there and have questions for her, please feel free to ask.  She doesn’t always get to them right away as she is a full time college student, but she does the best she can to answer all the questions she receives.  I hope her channel will help some of you with some of your questions.
A few of the videos are from when she was younger and just being silly with her friends, but the majority of them are her experiences with type 1.  She also is working on adding cooking videos.

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