My Favorite Free Fonts To Use For Copywork



I love fonts! All fonts! I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many fonts I actually have to my growing collection :) But let’s just say it’s nearing the thousand mark… :) That’s not too many, is it? :)

When I choose a font for copywork, I like to choose one that is as close to a well written hand as I can. There are a lot more fonts available that could be used, these are just the ones I have that I’ve used for our family or ones I’ve used in sets I’ve given away or sold.

Print Clearly

Freehand 591


School Script Dashed

Learning Curve

Architects Daughter

Print Dashed

Fineliner Script

Penmanship Print

Shadows Into Light

Plain Print

Dandelion in the Spring

KG Primary Dots

Discipuli Britannica

Cinnamon Cake

KG Primary Penmanship

Never Say Never

KG Primary Dots

That’s Font Folks!


Graphite Light ATT

Throw My Hands in the Air


Hello Fonts (these come in a bundle)

The fonts I used in the title are:


Great Vibes

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, but I’m hoping to get a video up soon teaching you how to create your own copywork pages for your kids.


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      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m a little confused about your question. Are you trying to install fonts on your Mac? If so, all you need to do is double clip on the .ttf or .otf file and it will go right into your Font Book. You’ll need to restart whatever application you are using in order to see the new fonts. I hope this helps :)

  1. The fonts I’ve checked out that are on the list are for PCs. Do you know of a good place to get some fonts for Macs?

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