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Spiders Lapbook

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Spiders are fascinating creatures! Learn about what makes them so interesting, as well as helpful to us, and so much more!The majority of the mini-books include the answers (when relevant) at the end of each activity. The answers are set up in a way where they can be cut and glued to the mini-book for your younger learners. This set creates a double lapbook with one flap.Included in this set:
  • Vocabulary
  • Life Cycle
  • Parts of a Spider
  • Spider Classification
  • Spiders are Arachnids
  • Spiders Arachnids Cousins
  • How Do Spiders Use Their Silk?
  • Types of Spider Webs
  • Catching Prey
  • What do Spiders Eat?
  • How Spiders Eat Their Prey
  • What are Some Natural Threats to Spiders?
  • Spiders Harmful to Humans
  • Benefits to Humans
  • Spider Facts
  • Spider Study
  • Suggested Lapbook Layout
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