New Titles: Patriotic Poems Copywork Notebooks

Patriotic Poems Copywork Intro Price - Only $1.00 Each

If you’re a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, you know how beneficial copywork can be in for your children. If you’re new to copywork, you might want to take a few minutes and read this post to learn more.

This series of copywork notebooks is a collection of historical, patriotic poetry that will touch the hearts of most Americans. Many are poems you’ve heard and others may be new to you. However, all are patriotic in nature and all would make a wonderful addition to any study of American History.

This set will be released in phases. This first phase is the early years of American history.

  • The Discovery of America
  • The Colonial Years
  • The Revolutionary War

These titles being released will be on sale for $1.00 until Wednesday, October 3. The titles in this phase are the following:

Each set includes the following

Full Poem

Author Notebooking Pages

Manuscript with Primary-lines

Manuscript with Basic-lines

Cursive with Primary-lines

Cursive with Basic-lines

I’m completely open to any and all suggestions for poetry that could be added to this series of patriotic poetry. You can contact me here to share your suggestions.



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