Themed Notebooking Pages for the Month of January

January Notebooking Pages

Themed notebooking pages for the month of January and more to come for the remaining months of the year! These pages included all the themes listed below. To help you out, I’ve added links and book suggestions that will assist your children in filling these notebooking pages out.

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This set includes

January Notebooking Pages Samples


Links and/or Suggestions to Help Fill Out January Notebooking Pages


New Year’s Day

New Year’s goals ideas for children

My Martin Luther King Pinterest Board

Video: MLK – The King and His Dreams


snow – explain how snow feels

how to build a snowman

snowflake — snowflake poem and craft

snowball – explain how to make a snowball or a time they had a snowball fight

blizzard – tell about a time they saw a blizzard or were out in a blizzard

winter clothes –  list clothes they wear in the winter

hot cocoa – explain how hot cocoa tastes or if they like it or not

sled — sledding safety

ice skating – tell about a time they went ice skating


skiing safety for kids

ice hockey

penguin facts

polar bear facts

caribou facts

hibernation facts

igloo facts and video

Book Suggestions

The Snowy Day


Snow (I Can Read It By Myself)

Hats, Gloves, Hot Cocoa With Love

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

National Geographic Reader: Penguins

National Geographic Reader: Polar Bears

Curious George Builds an Igloo

January Notebooking Pages

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