Down on the Farm Activity Notebook
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Down on the Farm Activity Notebook


Down on the Farm Activity Notebook is filled with lots of learning and fun activities for your little learners. This notebook is geared towards a kindergarden level of learning. Many of the activities come in colored and black & white pages. This was done for 2 reasons… to keep printing costs down and/or for those children that love to color.




2 Cover Pages (color and black & white)
Ff is for Farm Coloring Page
Ff is for Farm – Find the Letter F
Sight Words/Vocabulary Words
Sight Words Tracing Strips
4 Notebooking Pages in Color
4 Notebooking Pages in Black & White
Find the First Letter of Sight Words
Add the Missing Vowels
Matching: What Do Farm Animals Say?
Matching: Match Rhyming Pictures and Words
How many syllables?
Shapes: Parallelograms
Shapes: Trapezoids
Shapes: Octagons
What belongs on a farm?
Counting Pages
Adding Page
Subtraction Page
Domino Addition
Domino Subtraction
Skip Counting by 2’s
Skp Counting by 5’s
Skip Counting by 10’s
Number Puzzle – Counting by 2’s
Number Puzzle – Counting by 5’s
Number Puzzle – Counting by 10’s
How Many Rabbits Are on the Farm?
Color by Number
2 Pages for Farm Data
Match the Clocks
Measuring in Inches
Penny = 1 Cent
Nickel = 5 Cents
Dime = 10 Cents
Quarter = 25 Cents
What’s the Price of the Farm Animals?


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