I’m Revising My State Study Notebooks

I’ve been going through some of my product files and seeing what I think needs some updating. While I get really great reviews on my State Notebooks, (thank you for all the awesome reviews!) I felt they needed an update. This process is taking some time, but I think it’s worth it for better quality maps and images and additional pages that I think will bring a lot more to your study and notebooks.

State Study Notebookins Revisions


If you are a Lifetime Member, you will have access to both the old and new versions of the state study notebooks. I will be updating the files in my stores and the older sets will no longer be available. I’m going to keep the older sets available at Currclick.com and Teacher Notebook until they are all completed. I’ve been updating these sets at my TpT shop as they are completed.

******** Lifetime Members can download the 1st and 2nd editions in the Geography section.********

Here’s what’s included in the revised sets using my state of Arizona:

  • Cover pages (2 page options)
  • Basic Facts Page
  • Where’s Arizona (2 page options)
  • Arizona’s Flag (6 page options)
  • Arizona’s Seal (2 page options)
  • Arizona’s Quarter (2 page options)
  • Arizona’s Bird – Coloring (2 page options)
  • Arizona’s Bird (6 page options)
  • Arizona’s Bird Fact Page (4 page options)
  • Arizona’s Flower – Coloring (2 page options)
  • Arizona’s Flower (6 page options)
  • Arizona’s Flower Fact Page (4 page options)
  • More State Facts (2 pages)
  • Arizona’s Song Lyrics
  • Arizona’s Song (4 page options)
  • How’d Arizona Get Its Name? (4 page options)
  • Arizona’s State Capital (6 page options)
  • Arizona’s Governor (6 page options – including bio pages)
  • Arizona’s Major Cities (mapping page & 4 page options)
  • Arizona’s Major Bodies of Water (mapping page & 4 page options)
  • Arizona’s Economy (7 page options)
  • Arizona’s History (7 page options)
  • Famous People from Arizona (2 page options)
  • Native American Tribes from Arizona (6 page options)
  • Arizona’s Landmarks – Grand Canyon Sky Walk (4 page options)
  • Arizona’s Landmarks (6 page options)
  • Arizona’s Tourism (6 page options)
  • Field Trips (2 page options)
  • 27 Additional Templates For Mapping and Additional Topics

The original sets have 67 pages. The new notebooks have over 140 pages!

I have the following states notebooks competed and added to the Lifetime Membership Area:


I’ll keep you updated on the remaining files that will be completed in the coming coming months. I say months, because I’m working on a unit study and the holidays are coming up and spending time with family is a must for me :)

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      Thanks, Leanna! I actually fixed the cover a while ago, but forgot to change this logo for this post. Thanks for pointing that out for me. I’ve changed it :)

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          {Blushing} Sorry about that! I fixed it on TeachersPayTeachers and not on my site! It’s uploaded and ready for download. I apologize! Thank you again for letting me know!

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