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Content Use:

If you see anything throughout this website that you wish to link to, reference or use for your own blogging needs, please contact me prior to using it. I am very willing to work with fellow bloggers and website administrators if mutual terms can be reached that protect my copyrights, images, brand and personal information. Do not use any picture of a child, person or animal I have on my website without my explicit prior authorization. In addition, by using this site you are fully agreeing to all content use, terms of use, and copyright.

Terms of Use:

This website contains printables and curriculum that I have created. I fully endorse and welcome your downloading my created items for personal, co-op and/or classroom use only; however, they are NOT to be reproduced, sold, hosted, or stored on any other website or electronic retrieval system. The downloadable material provided on this website is copyright protected. If your use of materials on or from this site is found to be in violation of intellectual property rights legal action shall be taken. Please feel free to blog about my creations that you enjoy or find useful by sourcing my blog post and not the link to the document itself. By downloading any material from my website, Notebooking Nook, you are agreeing to all of the terms of use above. In addition, by downloading any materials from this site you are fully agreeing to all content use, terms of use, and copyright.

Download/Printable Use:

By downloading any content or printable from this site, you agree to all of Notebooking Nook’s use policies. In addition you agree to the following:

  • Content is the sole property, intellectual or otherwise, of Notebooking Nook and is protected by all applicable US laws, regulations, and rules. Users are granted a single, personal use licenses, and not ownership of downloads and/or printables.
  • Downloads and printables are not to be mimicked, copied, screenshot, stored, or in any other way used in violation of applicable laws without prior written permission of Notebooking Nook.
  • Downloads and printables are not to be direct linked, hosted by others, mirrored on other locations, or link redirected at any time. If you wish to reference items please reference the items to the blog post.
  • No download or printable, portion or whole, may be used commercially without prior permission from Notebooking Nook.


The ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Terms of Use’ of Notebooking Nook apply to you when you view, access, download or otherwise use the website or lifetime membership, its contents, its pictures, its documents, or its links located at:


Notebooking Nook, its content, and associated printable and downloadable content are the sole property, owned, and licensed to Notebooking Nook in accordance to all rules, stipulations, and agreements. You are granted a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited right to access, use, download, and display the website and the materials provided hereon for your own personal use, provided that you comply fully with the Disclosure and Terms of Use above.

Reimbursement Policy:

Because you are purchasing digital products, no reimbursement will be made for any reason.

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