Themed Notebooking Pages for the Month of October

Themed Notebooking Pages for the Month of October
Themed Notebooking Pages for the Month of October – Only $1.00 for the first 48 hours!

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October Themes Included
  1. October
  2. Columbus Day 
  3. Halloween
  4. Explorer
  5. Christoper Columbus
  6. Jack-o-lantern 
  7. Autumn Tree
  8. Scarecrow
  9. Pumpkins
  10. Pumpkin Patch
  11. Corn Maze 
  12. Harvest
  13. Bats
  14. Owls
  15. Spiders
  16. Snakes
  17. Sharks
  18. Soccer
  19. Baseball
  20. Volleyball
  21. Football

These notebooking pages were created as themed pages for the month of October. They were designed for children K-2, however, they will also work great for Pre-K or struggling 3-4 graders. Themes include holidays, autumn sports, animals, and more.

The pages include both primary and basic-lined options, illustration boxes, and black and white illustrations.There are also included additional templates and notebook covers in color and black & white options.

Themed Notebooking Pages for the Month of October Samples

October Book Suggestions

Themed Notebooking Pages for the Month of October

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  1. How are your books chosen for the monthly book suggestions? I only ask because I noticed my book, Chef Aiden and the Corn Maze, is on your list. I got all excited considering this is my first published children’s book. I have started my second Chef Aiden story and would love to have a series of books, each with a different recipe to go with each story. I was just curious how the stories were chosen.

    Thank you, Tracy Andrews

    1. Post

      Hi Tracy!

      I’m looking for books that are geared towards 4-8 year old kids. If possible, I like to choose books that have an activity. I loved that your book had a recipe included. It’s not easy to find children’s literature with an activity to go along, so yours is unique.
      I hope you have lots of success with your book series!

      Thanks for contacting me!

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