What Can Be Added to the Empty Boxes on Notebooking Pages

A common question from new notebooking families is, “What do we do with all the empty boxes on our notebooking pages?” When I first learned about notebooking I had one advantage… I learned about it at a convention and was I able to see lots of great examples. I do want to answer this question so those of you new to notebooking get a vision of what they can look like.

The answer is a simple one though… anything you want to add. I know that’s a really broad answer, but it’s true. I’ll be a little more specific about what you can add to the boxes.

What Can Be Added to the Empty Boxes on Notebooking Pages

What Can Be Added to the Empty Boxes on Notebooking Pages

  • artwork printed from the internet, books, magazines, brochures or any other printed source
  • black and white image to color
  • copywork 
  • diagrams
  • doodles or illustration – Nope, your child does not need to be an artist!
  • flags
  • graphs
  • hymns
  • lists
  • maps
  • mini-books
  • photos
  • poems
  • pressed flowers
  • quotes
  • scriptures
  • vocabulary words with written definitions or illustration to define

I hope that list helps a little. Now let’s look at example of notebooking pages found around the internet. Click on the images to be taken the posts they came from.

First take a look at my kids finished state notebooks here and here. These may give you some ideas of how to use the empty boxes.

How to use boxes on notebooking pages

Add a hand-drawn illustration

What to add to the boxes on notebooking pages

Add mini-books to your notebooking pages
There are a lot great examples of pages at this site.


Add images from brochures or found on the internet.

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